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Product description


Mattifying serum in capsules uses the latest patented technologies:
- Polytrap® Technology
- PureDose Pearl

PureDose Pearl patented Perlabella capsules skin delivery system. It is a sealed capsule, free of preservatives and fragrances, which ensures a fresh product from every dose. Moreover, each capsule provides the right amount of serum, the most effective one, determined by experts.

Polytrap technology

It involves the use of a special chemical substance, which is a polymer powder, which clearly absorbs and reduces the production of sebum, making the skin matte and properly moisturized.

A light texture serum in the form of a gel based on natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil, pumpkin seed oil, Indian honey extract, bisabolol, avocado oil and vitamin E. The gel significantly reduces the pores of the skin and effectively regulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Thanks to the patented technology, Polytrap significantly reduces the secretion of sebum and gives the skin a visible matting effect. Intended for use with combination and oily skin.

How to use the capsules:

apply to a freshly washed face
open the capsule by cutting or twisting its tip
squeeze the contents of the capsule onto your fingertip
gently massage the product onto the skin, especially into wrinkles
do not rinse
perfect for use under the night cream around the eyes

Treatment schedule

level 1 treatment is recommended for fine wrinkles and preventive maintenance, in the case of more intensive anti-wrinkle therapy, second level treatment should be applied

treatment at the level of 1 - 2 weeks of use

treatment at the level of 2 - 4 weeks of use




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