Grandma Agafia

Dimensions: Large

Product description


  • stumulates hair growth
  • regenerates
  • smoothes
  • softens
  • 97.2% ingredients of plant origin

Hair mask - Growth activator is designed for all hair types. The product formula contains 97.2% ingredients of plant origin, among others: organic shea butter, soap nut extract, cocoa butter. These ingredients accelerate growth, regenerate damaged hair, soften it, smooth it, saturate with micronutrients and vitamins. The mask prevents hair loss and restores vital force to dull, damaged hair, and also regenerates brittle hair.

Active ingredients :
Organic shea butter (karite) - moisturizes dry, dehydrated and damaged hair - from the hair root to its very end, supporting its regeneration and protection against weather conditions. It sensibly improves the condition of brittle hair. It is also absorbed into the surface of the scalp, pleasantly moisturizing it without blocking the pores and bulbs. It is especially recommended for hair regeneration after dyeing, waving and drying. Restores natural shine to hair
Soap nut extract - gives hair shine, facilitates styling and strengthens
Cocoa butter - prevents hair loss, restores vital force to dull, damaged hair, regenerates brittle hair.

How to use: Apply a small amount of mask to wet hair for 2-5 minutes with massaging movements, then wash off with water.



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