Dimensions: Large

Product description


  • reduces wrinkles
  • lifting
  • firming
  • reduces dark circles and discoloration under the eyes
  • illuminates
  • prevents skin aging process

INTENSIVE ELIXIR balances skin hydration and prevents excessive water loss. The product reduces dark circles and discoloration under the eyes, strengthens blood vessels and increases the elasticity of the skin. Dark circles under the eyes immediately become less intense, and the skin around the eyes visibly more radiant. Active ingredients such as extracts of caviar, strongly affect the recovery, reconstruction and halt the aging process of the skin around the eyes. Extracts of silk stimulate production of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in the body, which is necessary to ensure that the skin can remain healthy, supple and perfectly moisturized.

With age, our skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity. Our special attention is required if especially sensitive skin around the eyes, it is the thin, the thinnest virtually the entire face, more sensitive and more prone to skin allergies than in other parts of the body. Metabolic products do not flow into the lymphatic vessels, but accumulate in the spongy structure of the tissue, forming a so-called. bags under the eyes. During blinking or squinting skin it is virtually in constant motion. All this contributes to the formation of wrinkles, sometimes referred to as "crow's feet".

Fight the signs of premature aging of the skin around the eyes, light up your look elixir for rejuvenating and brightening the eye area. Even after 28 days of visibility of shadows under the eyes looks reduced and lines, fine wrinkles and signs of tiredness around the eyes at reduced.

How to use: Morning and evening, apply a small amount of preparation in the area around the eyes, pat elixir, performing a gentle massage.


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