Eveline Cosmetics

Dimensions: Large

Product description


  • effect 4D
  • eliminates advanced cellulite
  • shapes
  • reduces fatty tissue
  • works up to 48h
  • Silhouette slimming and shaping in four dimensions
  • visible reduction of cellulite
  • firm and velvety smooth skin
  • smoothened skin unevenness


GOLD SERUM SLIMMING AND SHAPING is a luxury treatment reducing fatty tissue inspired with latest achievements of worldwide cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Innovative formula, rich in pure 24-carat GOLD and unique combination of active ingredients, stimulates proces of fatty tissue burning and allows for achieving well-proportioned shape. 24-carat GOLD, acting in synergy with rich in hyaluronic acid bioHyaluron Slim Complex™ and ginkgo biloba extract, effectively stimulates microcirculation in subcutaneous tissue, eliminates toxins accumulated in cells and as a result – visibly reduces cellulite. Gold serum leaves delicate film on skin and creates invisible corset brightening and smoothing the body – gently glittering with gold. Lipocell-Slim™ complex shows intense slimming and silhouette shaping action. Tightens skin, enhances its resistance to stretching and helps maintaining optimum elasticity (e.g. withchanges in body weight). Plant stem cells – PhytoCellTec™ activate weak and sleeping stem cells in skin thus stimulate its natural regeneration. This allows for eliminating cellulite in a natural way. Argan oil effectively reduces even advanced cellulite and significantly reduces visibility of stretchmarks. Plant milk Chufa Milk EC, laminaria algae and vitamins A, E, F complex deeply nourish, moisturise and invigorate.



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