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  • combating dandruff and scalp problems
  • reduction of hair loss
  • deep strengthening and nourishing the hair
  • stimulates the growth of strong and healthy hair

Ayurvedic Sesa oil prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth of new, healthy hair. 18 Indian herbs, milk and 5 Ayurvedic oils, which perfectly moisturize the hair, provide excellent results.

Sesa hair oil is the perfect product to strengthen the hairstyle. Makes hair well-groomed, nourished, strong and thick. Sesa hair oil stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. The secret of the oil lies in the magical properties of Ayurvedic herbs that are part of the product. These are ingredients such as: Indian gooseberry, jasmine, cardamom, cedar and indigo leaves.

Sesa oil consists of 18 Ayurvedic herbs, 5 oils (coconut oil, sesame oil, lemon oil, Nilibhrungand oil, Triticum Aestivum oil) and milk. The recipe of the oil is prepared according to the Kshir Pak Vidhi process, which consists in combining a mixture of herbs with milk, and then it is activated by 5 oils. Sesa oil also contains vitamin C, it supports hair growth and the production of collagen, which is one of the building blocks of hair, gives it elasticity and bounce, and vitamin E, which ensures healthy-looking hair and is a powerful antioxidant.

Sesa hair oil nourishes damaged and weak hair and strengthens it from the roots to the ends. It deeply nourishes the hairstyle, restores its lost shine, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Sesa oil is also excellent in the fight against dandruff and protects against harmful external factors.

How to use: Sesa oil has a solid consistency, which changes when heated with a warm stream of water or the warmth of hands. The heated oil should be massaged into washed hair and scalp. Application should last about 20 minutes, when the oil stops absorbing. When applying, massage it thoroughly over the entire head.

The cosmetic should be left overnight (the head can be wrapped in a cap) and in the morning you should thoroughly wash your hair, removing the remnants of the cosmetic. Use Sesa oil as needed 2-3 times a week, in the case of problematic skin prone to dandruff and irritation, even every day. The oil is suitable for all hair types. Sesa oil can be used by pregnant women. The product is not tested on animals.


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