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When we catch colds, we should defend ourselves against it. We need to protect our children in a special way, which is why it is so important to choose an effective, natural and safe measure for our children, who are exposed to many factors conducive to infection. It is important that our choice is correct and our child is happy.

Preparation GRIPOVITA JUNIOR is recommended especially during the period of increased incidence of influenza and cold, in states of reduced immunity, because thanks to the content of natural ingredients protects our body, stimulating the body's natural defense mechanisms. The natural ingredients contained in Gripovita Junior have always been used as a natural and safe way to fight the symptoms of flu and cold, and are helpful in increasing the immunity of orgasm in children especially in the period of autumn and winter. In addition, the preparation has been enriched with the content of vitamin C and zinc, thanks to which the risk of late colds or influenza is limited.

Gripovita Junior is a valuable supplement to your child's diet:
raspberries and blackcurrants are a natural source of vitamin C,
elderberry fruits contain organic dyes, amino acids, zinc, rutin and vitamin C,
Vitamin C activates the immune system and zinc is needed for its proper functioning,
Citrus bioflavonides are natural antioxidants.

Gripovita Junior indications: The preparation is applied in cold and flu conditions, prophylactically in the autumn and winter. For children from 3 years of age.
Gripovita Junior composition: 1 sachet contains: 20mg of citrus bioflavonoids, 200mg of elderberry fruit extract, 500mg of raspberry powder concentrate, 250mg of dried blackcurrant powder concentrate, 50mg C vitamin, 7.5mg zinc and auxiliary substances.
Gripovita Junior dosage: Orally. 1-2 sachets a day.
Gripovita Junior contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation. Do not use in children under 3 years of age.

Before using, read the package leaflet that collects, contraindications, data on adverse reactions and dosage, and data on the use and storage of the medicinal product, or consult a doctor or pharmacist, because any misused medicine threatens your life or health.


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