Dimensions: Small

Product description



  • exfoliating dead skin, revealing smooth skin after use
  • guarantees that it will remove unwanted hair painlessly
  • slowing down hair growth
  • removing hair from the entire body in an easy and quick way
  • after the treatment, the skin is smooth and soft, as after peeling
  • removes hair without shaving foam or other liquids
  • no more ingrown hairs
  • perfect for women and men


Crystal epilator offers painless hair removal - it is an ideal product for anyone who appreciates painless hair removal of their legs, arms and body. This product has a high-quality head, appropriately shaped for the hand, which gently removes unwanted hair from the skin. With this product, you can have smooth and silky skin without time-consuming shaving every time.

Crystal epilator is very easy to use. Just rub the selected body part with gentle pressure in circular motions to get rid of hair. After completing the treatment, rinse the product under running water. Forget about sticky wax, lotions or cuts! If used regularly, the product will last for up to several months. This is a very ecological solution that will also save you money. Painless epilation is a guarantee of satisfaction!

The epilator uses nanocrystalline technology, which not only removes hair, but also exfoliates dead skin and firms the body. The product can be used on various parts of the body, e.g. legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, chest, etc.


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