Dimensions: Large

Product description


  • tightens and stops bleeding gums
  • dissolve plaque
  • reduces bacterial growth 
  • soothing gums and stops the development of infection
  • provides additional disinfection
  • mineralized and strengthens tooth enamel 

With medical toothpaste LACALUT aktiv, which strengthens the gums and reduces plaque, we can prevent bleeding. LACALUT aktiv has 5 active ingredients:  Aluminum lactate - tightens and stops bleeding gums; Chlorhexidine - dissolve plaque and reduces bacterial growth;  Allantoin - soothing gums and stops the development of infection; Bisabolol - provides additional disinfection; Aluminium Fluoride - mineralized and strengthens tooth enamel.

The effect of LACALUT ® aktiv begins immediately. Already during the first use of the gums feel tightness and 2-3 days after bleeding stops. 


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