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Product description


  • prevents and restores healthy nail condition
  • limit the excessive growth of microorganisms
  • nourishes and strengthens the structure of the nail plate
  • inhibits the growth of fungal
  • effects visible after four weeks of use

Onychomycosis refers to both toenails and hand. Unfortunately, her symptoms are ignored, masked under layers of nail polish or hidden in the shoes. Onychomycosis requires appropriate treatment that they have not been completely destroyed. Precision DermoFuture therapy prevents and restores the healthy state of nail fungal infections fingers and toes. Therapy nail comprises a composition of carefully selected ingredients that penetrate the nail and limit excessive growth of micro-organisms, thus protecting against fungal attack. In addition, the product nourishes and strengthens the structure of the nail plate and supports its reconstruction. The preparation is very easy to use, has a brush for easy application. Recommended especially for persons with weak and damaged nail plate, susceptible to fungal infection. Preparation forms a waterproof protective layer on the surface of the nail, whereby to inhibit the growth of fungus and accelerates the reconstruction of the nail plate. Conceals imperfections, lightens the nail plate. This prevents recurrence of fungal infections, and further accelerates the restoration of a healthy nail. Visible results after just four weeks of use! The use of therapy against onychomycosis DermoFuture is particularly important for people at risk of fungal infection because of their job or other activities, eg .: use of any kind of public utility facilities, swimming pools, swimming pools, sports facilities, saunas, showers in public places during stays in hotels and holiday centers, which significantly increases the risk of infection.

Follow a few simple rules that support therapy and prevent infecting others.
• disinfect instruments for nail care
• discard or at least sterilize worn boots
• wear shoes feet ensure adequate air circulation
• wear breathable socks made of natural materials
• regularly replace the towels and wash them at high temperatures
• wash carpets and rugs

Foot care
• bathing in warm water, add a suitable salt or fluid emollient
• in hot days use a cooling gels
• after washing dry the feet
• after bathing take care of proper hydration of the skin feet

Hand Care
• moisturise skin on hands after washing hands
• in winter use greasy protective cream, summer - light and moisturizing
• apply in the evening on his hands a thick layer of cream or mask
• once a week, make a scrub hands


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