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Product description


  • immediate effect of soft feet after the first use
  • instantly removes even the hardest calluses, corns and hard skin of the feet
  • easy and safety in use

Silky Feet is the newest, fastest and most effective way to quickly and safely restore healthy look to your feet. The secret to the effectiveness of SilkyFeet is precision abrasive mini-tools that gently and effectively remove the thickening and dead skin, so as to restore the feet of children's smoothness, delicacy and comfort that each of us loves. Simple, fast and safe - before use, you do not need to soak your feet, it effectively removes even very hard skin. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, it is very easy to use. Reusable.

1. Apply before bathing or getting your feet wet. The foot must be dry!
2. Use the side with the grater to safely remove hard skin and calluses.
3. Gently press the metal grater against the surface of the skin, in place of the calluses and calluses. Slowly move the mini-guns back and forth along the hardened skin.
4. Make slow movements, checking the effects of the operation in the meantime. In areas of large thicknesses, press harder on the skin. Stop abrasion to check results. Finish abrasion when healthy skin appears or when you remove the swelling - too long abrasion can lead to irritation and pain.
5. After use empty the container, rinse the tray with cold water and let it dry.

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