Dimensions: Small

Product description


  • the mask effectively regenerates and softens dry skin of the feet
  • restores skin softness and healthy appearance
  • intensively moisturizes and protects against keratosis

Regenerating foot mask, in the form of socks, soaked in active cream. Professional treatment for self-implementation at home. A mask based on natural ingredients - shea butter, apple and mint extract, smoothes and strongly regenerates dry, cracked and calloused skin on the feet, significantly improving its appearance and condition. Effective moisturizes and nourishes even very dry and damaged skin on the feet. Makes it smooth, soft and healthy.

Thanks to modern technology, the active substances contained in the mask are perfectly absorbed and penetrate even into the deep layers of the skin. The mask in the form of socks acts as a filter, which, in combination with body heat, gradually releases active ingredients and helps them penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. The effect is visible after the first use - the skin of the feet is visibly regenerated, moisturized and smooth. To maintain the effect of well-groomed and smooth feet, the treatment should be repeated 1 - 2 times a week. For single use only. Universal size.

Important: Product for external use. Keep out of the reach of children. Use immediately after opening the package. For optimal effect, it is recommended to exfoliate the EXFOLIATING FOOT MASK L'biotica before regeneration.



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