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Product description


  • the treatment smoothes, tones and strengthens the hair
  • brings out their natural shine and makes them not only smooth, moisturized, soft and pleasant to the touch, but also disciplined and resistant to frizz.

Lbiotica Biovax Phytokeratin kit for phytokeratin hair straightening in three simple steps allows you to enjoy a perfectly smooth hairstyle for up to 3 weeks, depending on the type of hair and the frequency of washing. Phytokeratin (hydrolysed vegetable proteins) allows you to tame frizzy, wavy, curly and damaged hair to create a smooth, shiny surface. It smoothes the strands and replenishes microdamages in the hair structure, thanks to which it provides the effect of straight, smooth and shiny hair with a healthy glow. The formulas of products for phytokeratin straightening protect hair strands from the adverse effects of heat styling devices, such as a straightener.

Preparation and use:

Step 1: Detangle your hair and wash with the Straightening Treatment Shampoo. Wash along the hair strands from root to tip. Then gently dry with a towel (do not rub). Do not comb your hair.

Step 2: Secure your arms with a towel. Divide the hair into strands about 1-1.5 cm wide. Apply Emulsion for straightening treatment to slightly damp strands and rub along the entire length of the hair, avoid contact of the preparation with the scalp. Comb your hair while applying it. Leave the preparation for 30-60 minutes (depending on the condition of the hair), do not rinse.

Step 3: After 30-60 minutes, additionally apply the Mask for the straightening treatment to the hair. Leave it for 5 minutes. To enhance the effect, you can wrap your hair with a towel. Rinse hair for 10 seconds with lukewarm water. Then, comb the hair with a comb, dry, divide into strands and straighten each strand 5-6 times with a straightener (temp. 190-230°C). Do not wash for 48 hours.


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